PickMy is now available in Baltimore City and County! More areas are coming soon.

PickMy is building a network of landlords that cover all aspects of the rental market. 

PickMy was created to give renters the ability to list their rental needs and save money on the applications and background process. In the current real estate market, there are many new rentals available and quality tenants are becoming a valuable commodity. PickMy provides a platform which leverages this availability to the benefit of renters, saving them time and money.

PickMy was also created to help landlords. The current process of finding qualified renters can be difficult and expensive. PickMy allows landlords to search pre-screened renters based on their available inventory and at a fraction of the cost of the current methods available.


If you find a potential rental home outside of our platform, we recommend that you share your PickMy profile link with that landlord or property manager.

Please direct landlords to www.PickMy.life or give them our email, info@PickMy.net

We would be happy to discuss our platform with them.

Privacy concerns

The PickMy platform is built upon technology best practices and compliance with all Tenants Rights laws in the State of Maryland and the United States. All information submitted by tenants is transmitted to our background/credit check partners as an encrypted data stream. At no time is your credit score shared with the landlords. All data is automatically deleted after 3 months.

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