PickMy is now available in Baltimore City and County! More areas are coming soon.

Find renters easier

Your PickMy membership gives you access to a continuously updated list of potential renters. Search, filter, and refine this list to find renters who match your open properties.

One streamlined list of renters saves you time and increases the compatibility potential between your properties and renters. You only pay to contact renters you choose, exponentially increasing the match potential.

Save on advertising

Instead of advertising your properties on multiple rental sites and apps PickMy brings quality potential renters to you! This empowers you to be proactive with your search and reach out directly to renters saving you both time and money.

All PickMy renters already have completed their background and credit check, enabling you to choose quality candidates quickly and easily.

Keep properties full

Year-round access to potential renters gives you more flexibility to fill vacancies quicker. New renters are always signing up giving you a constantly refreshed and evolving list to choose from.

Remove the stress of last-minute property advertising and instead search for your ideal renters with PickMy.

PickMy works for landlords.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional tenant placement, PickMy provides you with a resource to find tenants fast.

Send prospective renters any of your advertising links, there is no need to change how you already work.


You only pay


per contact

Start your renter search!

Find your perfect renter match.

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