PickMy is now available in Baltimore City and County! More areas are coming soon.

What You Get

Your $30 fee covers your background check and opens you up to dozens of landlords with hundreds of properties. For the next 2 months, landlords will share their properties with you. You pick which ones you want to visit.

On average, PickMy customers have about a dozen properties per month shared with them.

How You Save

By only paying for one background check you save $30-$50 on each new property you apply for. Instead of paying $300+ for multiple applications, with PickMy you only pay once.

You also fill out just one application instead of a new application for each property. This can save you up to an hour on each property shared with you.

More properties to choose from for less time and money.

PickMy Score

Your PickMy score is created after your application is submitted and background check has been processed. This score is based on your submitted application, weighting each component to help us connect you with landlords looking for tenants just like you.

Landlords will be looking for a wide range of scores, not just the highest number.

Easier, cheaper, faster. PickMy

Pick your desired neighborhoods and areas. Then, choose from properties sent directly to you.
It’s that easy.

You only pay


for 2 months* of unlimited properties

Start your home search!

Sign up, fill out your application then sit back and let your potentials homes come to you.

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*note: The two month subscription period begins once your background and credit checks are returned and processed.