PickMy is now available in Baltimore City and County! More areas are coming soon.

Efficient and Inexpensive

Define what you want; submit and pay for one background and credit check; get dozens of properties that meet your criteria, sent directly to you from hundreds of landlords.

Looking for a rental apartment or home is inefficient and can be expensive: For every application you submit, you pay a $30 – $50 fee each time! Go after four or five hot properties and you could be spending $300 or more on background checks.

PickMy has a better way: We conduct one check, and charge one fee. We then make this information available to hundreds of local landlords, from small single property owners to large corporate entities.


The Cure To What Landlords Hate Most

Managing a property requires wearing many hats: Painting, plumbing, installing appliances and maintaining roofs, to name a few. At PickMy we are landlords too, so we understand your pain when it comes to finding suitable candidates for your properties. With our system, you get the confidence of a nationally certified background and credit check and a clean and simple system for selecting candidates. And no rules about how you should run your business after that.

We do not make you list your properties (again) because what we provide are tenants – curated and scored – so you can filter and sort them to find the best candidates for your properties.