Baltimore’s Newest Startup: Looking to Reinvent How You Find the Perfect Home

We are seeing the evolution of business models all around us: From how we order food, engage in social events, consume content or conduct business. Pickmy is about to revolutionize the apartment rental industry. 

Our inspiration starts with this quote:

Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster, ridiculous late fees did.

Uber did not kill the taxi business, limited access and fare control did.

Apple didn’t kill the music industry, being forced to buy a full album did.

Disruption follows stagnancy. Now it’s the rental property market’s turn.

We see it everyday: People searching for rental apartments or homes with no centralized or efficient process. Walk the streets in neighborhoods of interest and look for signs or visit Craigslist daily. Maybe ask your friends, or scroll through social media for recommendations. Find someplace you like? Then pay at a $30 application fee (at least) for EVERY SINGLE PLACE you try to rent. No refunds.

There has to be a better way, right?

There is: is a new way to find an apartment in Baltimore City and Baltimore County (expanding soon to include the whole state!). Simply fill out the form detailing what you are looking for and where. Then submit the application, and a single application fee, and we will share it with hundreds of landlords all over who have the inventory you are looking for.

Rest assured we have created a network of large and small landlords: Whether it is a high-rise downtown or the second floor of a Hampden row house, we have access to the landlords who can deliver for you.

Best part: You only pay for one background check (and one fee!) and then the landlords will reach out to you with appropriate properties based on your criteria.

Pickmy was started by Remington Properties, a Baltimore born and bred real estate company that has over 50 years experience in real estate.

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