Wouldn’t it be nice if your perfect rental home found you?

Just like online dating, you can spend countless hours scrolling through endless profiles trying to figure out which is the best match for you. Each party takes the time to list what they have to offer and what they are looking for, but the search is still inefficient… because it’s still necessary to read every.single.listing.

When you sign up with PickMy, you just have to fill out the form for the things you’re looking for in a potential home once*, and then your profile is only shown to the landlords who check all the boxes. If your perfect rental match means pets must be allowed, you will only hear from landlords who welcome your furry friend. If your perfect rental match is a certain type of dwelling, like a townhome, only landlords who have townhome properties will reach out.

Once landlords are paired with you, they make the first move and send you the listings they already know you are interested in and that match what they have to offer. Instead of relying on third-parties (such as real estate agents), after contact is made, you can communicate directly with your potential future landlord and can begin the process faster.

(If you want to show up to your first meeting with your potential landlord prepared, check out our blog post: 9 Things You Need to Apply for a Rental Home.)

But don’t worry! Your contact information is only shared with landlords who meet your requirements and care enough to pay a small fee to access your details. They like what they see so much they’re already willing to make an investment!

PickMy is here to make the rental search process easier, cheaper, and faster! Sign-up today so you can start receiving property listings in your inbox.

*The two month subscription period begins once your background and credit checks are returned and processed.